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It’s True.  Improving Your Home Has Never Been Easier!

Welcome to our Chicago home shows homeowners page!  When it comes to improving your home, finding the right company to fill your needs can be difficult, costly and time consuming.  We can all agree that searching the web, sifting through coupon mailers and getting lost in the yellow pages can make the process even more frustrating and confusing.

The GOOD news?  Finding the right business for the job does not have to be complicated OR costly.  If you’re looking for the easiest way to find the perfect fit for your home improvement needs, then be sure to attend our Free Admission and Free Parking Home Shows!

Our home shows are your best tool to use when you remodel, repair, refresh and beautify your home.  Save Time AND Money as you shop through hundreds of the latest home products and services and speak directly with local and national professionals in all trades ALL under one roof!

Our 2018 season has concluded, but our 2019 events will be larger than ever with an amazing selection of products and services along with the most diverse, interesting and exciting displays we’ve ever offered!   You can find further details on the show nearest you by clicking on the buttons for further down the page.

In just ONE visit to our home shows, you can:

  • Gain extensive knowledge with a hands-on, interactive experience with the latest products services!

  • Combine input from professionals to make the most educated decisions for your home and family!

  • Speak with professionals who offer the services you’re looking for and select your favorites!

  • Set appointments for estimates that fit YOUR schedule, or call them later to set it when you are ready!

  • Take comfort in knowing that YOU selected the businesses to come to your home!

  • Save time and money with Exclusive Show Specials and Discounts!

For 2019, we are pleased to announce that we have seven amazing home show events serving communities throughout the Chicagoland area, so the odds are … there’s one to serve you and your family as well.

And the GREAT news is that our circuit of 2019 home shows will be larger and more complete that ever, so you can attend with confidence that you’ll find not only the products and services you’re looking for, but that you can meet and speak with experts from every trade who are eager to help make your upcoming projects easier!

PLUS!  As Always, every one of our home shows offers you . . .

Don’t Wait!  Save The Dates!   Experience the best way to find the perfect person and perfect business for YOUR needs and your projects with the Ultimate in Convenience and Savings. . . All with ONE visit at the Home & Garden Show nearest you!

Our 2018 Home Shows Welcomed Tens of Thousands of homeowners who chose our our events as their tool to improve their homes, proving that our home shows are THE best place to be when shopping to improve YOUR home!

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