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We’re pleased to announce that all seven of our 2017 home shows have been very well attended.  See for yourself by clicking on the image below for photos from our shows this season . . .  

Home Show PhotosThis is our 4th year in a row with year over year increases at every single event, taking the demand for our 2018 home shows to a whole new level.  Businesses see clearly that no other circuit of events has ever shown anything close to this level of growth & consistency, so we invite you to get on board and join us as we deliver our largest and strongest home shows to date in 2018.  We already have several times the number of booths reserved in 2018 than we had this time last year, so please don’t delay in contacting us for the details to get YOUR business in front of these motivated, high quality buyers!   

Our 2018 Home and Garden Shows provide your business the best opportunity to meet, speak with and sell to tens of thousands of qualified, motivated homeowners from highly sought after markets in the Chicago area.  These buyers attend our home shows to purchase products and services from businesses like yours for their upcoming home remodeling, repair, furnishing, decor and other improvement projects. This year, we attracted more of them than ever.   In 2018 we are once again raising the bar for Chicago home shows even further as we increase advertising to an unprecedented and unmatched level towards the mission of setting new records at each and every home show we produce.  We can truly say that there has never been a better time to get involved.

Based upon feedback at our home shows this season and the fact that we already have the greatest number of early requests for booth spaces in 2018, it is already clear that virtually all of our 2017 home show exhibitors will be returning in 2018, proving that our events have not only produced more leads and appointments… but more importantly, True Buyers!   This increase in support from them and other businesses like yours allows us to invest more heavily into the advertising plans that support our events.  In fact, we will be delivering you the most heavily advertised events of their kind in the entire Chicago area. No exceptions.

….. But you don’t have to take our word for it.   When searching for the best home improvement shows with the greatest level of exhibitor support and the strongest track record of consistency, growth and productivity . . . solid, reliable information is priceless. We are proud of our reputation and our commitment to providing you the absolute best events, so to assist you in making the most informed decision possible for your business, CLICK HERE for a list of references from some of the most active exhibitors in the Chicago area.  Feel free to reach out to hear from them first-hand how they feel about us and our events.

Please read on for further information, but if you would like to move forward now and/or if you have ANY questions, please call us at 630-953-2500 or CLICK HERE to E-Mail Us Today and we will be happy to assist.

The key benefits of your participation in our events:

  • Direct, Face to Face exposure to thousands of homeowners who are ready to buy
  • Tap into exclusive, affluent markets that are not served by any other event
  • Benefit from millions of advertising impressions with one small investment
  • Allow us to bring exclusive buyers to you
  • Generate quality leads with high closing ratios
  • Set appointments directly at the events for immediate sales

Home & Garden Expo Attendee Profile:

  • Primary Age Range: 30 – 65 years old
  • 98% + are Homeowners
  • 82% are Married
  • Over 90% of couples attend together, giving you BOTH decision makers
  • Overall Household Income levels for our attendees are among the best in the Midwest!
  • Overall Average Home Value levels are also towards the top in the Midwest!

Please click below to request a show information packet to allow you to secure the most productive booths for your company.  Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to put your business in front of thousands of qualified, motivated homeowners in Chicago area’s most sought after markets!

2018 Home Show Exhibitor PacketAs always, please call us at 630-953-2500 or email us at Info@FreeHomeShow.com if you have any questions and we will be glad to help.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with you at our home shows in 2018 and beyond.

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